The Giegerich Project

The Giegerich Project

I am going to begin a new project on this blog. We’ll see how it goes. This is a new author for me. I am very unfamiliar with his work. I know that he is an archetypal psychologist and has been very influential in that field.

As time permits, I will begin posting comments on an essay by Wolfgang Giegerich called The End Of Meaning And The Birth Of Man.

Giegerich is a German Jungian analyst. The following short bio is from his book, The Soul’s Logical Life:

After university studies in the field of literature in Germany and the United States and an assistant professorship at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N.J.), Wolfgang Giegerich trained in analytical psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute in Stuttgart, Germany. He works as a psychotherapist and training analyst in private practice near Munich. He has lectured and published internationally. His books include Atombome und Seele und Drachenkampf (both Raben-Reihe, Zürich), Animus-Psychologie and Tötungen. Gewalt aus der Seele: Versuch über Ursprung und Geschichte des Bewußtseins (both Peter Lang, Frankfurt et al.).

The subtitle of the essay is, An Essay About The State Reached in the History Of Consciousness And An Analysis of C.G. Jung’s Psychology Project.

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2 thoughts on “The Giegerich Project

  1. It is interesting that the premise is that humanity has now been born, and that this is a single occurrence. Apparently this birth is accomplished as a part of becoming more objective about our nature and less unconsciously connected to the symbolism through which we understand reality, and which accompanies the death of God (as a living reality to us).

    I think is a bit like, however, the always immediately coming Armageddon that many are consistently predicting, or the impression that many older people have that the world is truly, finally crumbling around them. As Samuel Clemons noted, perhaps, the rumors of my demise are somewhat premature.

    It seems that humanity is rather regularly “reborn” from one existential incarnation to the next. These existential metamorphoses are always accompanied by transformations in our projections concerning the best symbol of ultimate reality.

    Of course in getting so attached to the particular incarnation of ultimate reality that we have been accustomed to, we naturally tend to feel that “God is dead” with some recurrent consistency.

    The metamorphosis from one existential homeostasis to the next is not immediate though, and it is accomplished, as are all transitions in nature with a good deal of chaos. We certainly are in one such transition period, which may well last for several hundred more years (and I think probably began, or was first noted by Darwin).

    In the meantime we will have many conceptions of ultimate reality which will be in some degree of conflict, with traditional religious concepts now in active competition and synthesis with scientific ones.

    The process, however, is not an essentially new one, and I think, we are very actively giving birth to our newly recreated sense of reality.

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