Thoughts On the Eve of a New Year

Thoughts On the Eve of a New Year


This has been a very troubling year in many ways. The American presidential politicking has been nauseating. I don’t believe I’ve seen anything like it in my lifetime. Xenophobia and racism seem to be rearing their atrocious heads in an entirely new way. Not to mention those who refuse to accept the facts concerning global warming, world hunger, homelessness, and the health-care crisis. I think I have come to the realization that homo sapiens sapiens may not be able to extricate itself from the destruction it has caused on this precious planet. Right now, there is nothing more important to our leaders than corporate profit. I see no signs this will change in the near future. In the past, I have been optimistic. I have written extensively on this blog of the Anima Mundi and her quest for individuation, but that still continues. It’s just that we may not be the human species that assists her in bringing it to pass.

What if evolution needs to provide an entirely new species of human to solve the issues that threaten our survival? Scary thought, I must say, but isn’t this the way evolution works? What give us the right to think we are the final, perfected human species? The new human species will receive a widening of consciousness. The folly of our mindset will appear as obvious to them as the Neanderthals’ consciousness does to us. Utopia has never been possible with our species due to our selfishness, and war-like nature. But the new human will have overcome these, and may be able to bring about a new paradise on earth.

Am I just dreaming, or this possible? Nietzsche called this new human Ubermensch, or Overman. Jean Gebser’s integrative vision calls it the “integral” mode of consciousness, or homo integralis.

Research from the Neanderthal Genome Project has found that Neanderthals and modern humans share DNA, meaning they were contemporaneous and interbred about 50,000 years ago. Are there examples of homo integralis on the earth right now? If so, this is very positive for the future of our planet.

As each day passes, we see more and more evidence that mankind has come to the end of its rope. Mass shootings, the police shooting unarmed people, insatiable greed, government corruption, the loss of civil rights, etc. My fellow-blogger, Scott Preston, puts it this way:

…the present crisis is a crisis of consciousness. It’s a crisis of homo sapiens. The human species is in the process of negating itself, whether it understands this dynamic or not. And the abyss or precipice is that this “deconstruction” may indeed become a literal self-annihilation, a self-extinction (Planetary Man, Global Soul, by Scott Preston).

Scott is describing our current age as one in which ego-consciousness is being broken down and deconstructed. The overinflated ego of homo sapiens sapiens is an evolutionary mistake that must be corrected. The natural selective “choice” that inclined man down the path of an unbound ego will be rejected as being too dangerous to man’s survival.

Now, as the new year unfolds before us, I am asking myself, “What can I do here and now to improve our world?”

Happy New Year to you all!

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts On the Eve of a New Year

  1. best blog ever. i admit i don’t read it friquently enough, but whenever i do, i’m amazed at the clarity of thoughts, honesty and good will.
    and about the concerns you raised, this too shall pass. i have alot, ALOT to say about it, but we will need to have a seriouse talk about it. skype maybe?

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