Jesus Occupies Wall Street

Photo by Dtarazona

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus was a revolutionary in his day. He busted the Pharisees’ and Saducees’ chops on many occasions for being so dishonest, literal and fundamentalist in their thinking. He derided them on several occasions, hurling disparaging terms at them, such as “brood of vipers,” “hypocrites,” and “blind guides.” These are words that could easily be identified with the current brood of vipers on Wall Street. Jesus would be railing against our moden-day vipers just like he did then.

Jesus would be occupying Zucotti Park, if he were living in the New York City of our day. He would have been righteously indignant at NYC Mayor Bloomberg for being so callous and unfeeling toward the plight of our middle and lower class citizens. He would be indignant about the extreme inequality that exists in our country now because of crooked bankers and hedge fund managers, who took down our economy for their own benefit. He would be outraged at the milquetoast politicians in Washington DC, who the dirty bankers have bought with wealth that should have went toward assisting the poor, sick, and downtrodden. He would be infuriated over the arrest, brutalization, and imprisonment of thousands of citizens for speaking up for their constitutional rights.

If Jesus were in Oakland, CA, Jesus would have been tear-gassed the night of October 25. He would have been pelted with rubber bullets, for he would have been on the front line of the protesters. But he would have remained non-violent, even though his righteous indignation would have been pumping full-throttle! If he had been there, the cops might have thrown him to the ground, breaking his nose and bloodying his face, while they wrapped plastic ties tight around his wrists, cutting off all circulation to his hands. If he had had the time, he would have thrown himself in front of Scott Olsen to prevent the gas canister from striking him in the head. Jesus was a man who would sacrifice his life for the cause.

If a person reading the Gospels can’t see Jesus in this light, I’d like to hear from you.



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Frank Roper

A man named Frank Roper was brutalized today in Denver for touching a policeman’s precious motorcycle. Mr. Bigshot Denver motorcycle cop, with his really macho SWAT gear, apparently got his feelings hurt because Mr. Roper touched his shiny little motorcycle. When the violence was finished, Frank looked like this:

Denver police, your patrol cars have written on the sides, “To Serve And Protect.” Really? Is this how you carry out your sworn oath to serve and protect the citizens of Denver? Are you mad at them because these Occupy protesters are focusing the spotlight on what you’ve gotten away with for decades. The people who you really serve and protect are the 1%, admit it.

What I don’t understand is, what do you get out of it? A pay raise? They’re trying to annihilate your unions. They don’t want to give you higher pay; you’ll be lucky if you still have a job in six months! So, is it just a thrill to brutalize innocent people? Is that how you get your kicks? Well, get ready. You will have lots of opportunities in the near future because these people are not backing down. They will not allow you to intimidate them with your little toy rubber bullets and tear gas. You and your families would be better served if you join them. We’re all in this together, you know. You will never be part of the 1%.

Entire video is here.


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Doomed, I peered into the Cavern of Time from my lowly position atop the
livid mountain. For the first time, I realized what the Grey Ones had
spoken about eons ago. It had been a warning to the earth, a
prognostication. The portent had said that we would lift our voices and
bring everlasting peace to this tired, sick planet. The veins of gold
beneath us would cause upheaval, resulting in the opening of great
fissures, rips in time that would consume the hopes of one percent of the people. Peace
would never come; it was merely a lie perpetrated on us by mendacious
maniacs. The warfare we had longed for had been consumed by the fires of

I stood aghast at the accuracy of the prophecy now
being fulfilled before me. Everywhere was Chaos. The gaping tears in the
fabric of Being now lay at my feet, undulating, bleeding themselves
out. Was this what the old ones meant by Armageddon?

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Stand Strong!

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier
and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service
of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and
thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the
more glorious the triumph. –Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine is a great hero in
the annals of freedom. He has much good advice for us.


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That Smell

There is a distinct aroma in the air these days. Can you smell it? It’s
very pungent and poignant, the very opposite of that sickly, deathly
stench we’re so accustomed to. It’s a very agreeable fragrance, a
harbinger of better times to come.

It was in the air when
Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous speech, August 28, 1963. The masses
hearing Dr. King that day were invigorated by its pervasive quality.

was present in Tiananmen Square the day the Unknown Rebel stood in the
front of the tanks. The pleasant aroma gave him hope that his beloved
country could experience change.

On the night of October 5, it was piquant and peppery on the streets of lower Manhattan. Now, we’re sensing it in cities all over the globe.

Are you smelling it too? Take a big whiff and become accustomed to it because, now, it will linger in the air for a long time to come.


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