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Monthly Archives : April 13, 2008

Meaning Of Life VII

Uncategorized / April 13, 2008 / 2 Comments

Giegerich begins his description of Pre-Modern Man, who has no need to ask the questions of meaning because he is enveloped in a state of in-ness. Man is fundamentally unborn. Despite his literal biological birth, he has logically never left the in-ness in a womb. In being biologically born, he only exchanged the biological womb for another, a metaphysical womb, the womb of Meaning. Man (I am here not speaking about the empirical individual, but, on the logical level, about Man at large, his “humanity”: the concept of man as and in which we all live) is not born directly into the environment, not “thrust into existence,” as the 20th-century …..

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